Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Water Garden, Iris...and Ultrarunning

Here is a shot of the Yellow Iris that are currently blooming in my water garden (image credit Gary):

I built this water garden some 15 years or so ago, and it still is a continuing source of wonder and joy.  At the time a junior family member was being a total shit--big time--and digging the BIG hole was so totally therapeutic.   The physical labor was the outlet for my psychological frustrations.

(NOTE: the family member in question is a wonderful, responsible adult now, so all's well that ends well).

There actually is a connection to Ultrarunning.  When I worked for the Defense Department before I retired, I often would have meetings at the Pentagon or at Crystal City nearby.  When overnight stays were required, I would stay in Crystal City (adjacent to Reagan National Airport) and would run along the Mount Vernon Trail, which parallels the Potomac River.  I would run upstream along the Mount Vernon Trail to Theodore Roosevelt Island opposite Rosslyn and Georgetown.

Once on the island, there are a number of trails to run on.  One in particular is along the boggy lowlands near river level, and I vividly recall one spring seeing a ton of wild iris blooming, just like in my water garden.

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