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Monday, January 6, 2014

Guess I Ought to Rethink the Afterlife...and Ultrarunning

[image credit Gary, mailbox/sign of conservative Mennonite church on Zarger Road, Franklin County, PA]

This church frequently changes its signage, and this new one tickled me.  Since I am prone to impure thoughts--let's face it, "prone" doesn't even come close to my propensity for a dirty mind--so I'd better rule out heaven.

Plan B would be to run Ultras here and now like there's no tomorrow, and thereby achieve heaven on earth.  That's probably a better plan.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Where I Run: Cemetery on Grindstone Hill Road

Here's another cemetery post to go along with that from last week. Every cemetery, every headstone, tells a story.
The Grindstone Hill cemetery is new and small, comprised of only 3 recent graves. It is adjacent to a very conservative church--perhaps German Baptists--whose members do drive, but only black cars, and which has separate doors in the front for the men and the women.  There is no sign indicating the church name or denomination, just a plain white building.

The headstone I found most interesting is a large limestone cut block, such as one would find in an old house or barn foundation, or wall. Except that the front of the stone has been smoothed and the inscription placed there.

First the rear and one end; the stone is approx 2' long and high, and about 18" deep:
Now the other end and the front:
I suspect that this stone has been repurposed as a memorial marker from its original use as part of a home or barn.
Now one final image that's pretty haunting. Seems that this family had the misfortune of having not one, but two, newborn daughters die right after birth, about two years apart. I can't even begin to get my head around that sort of grief:

The rest of my run was consumed with thoughts of never, ever taking anything for granted.
[all images by Gary]

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tales From the Perimeter: Church Sign Generator

Perimeter meaning the 6 mile patrol road inside the fence of the military installation on which I work, where some half a dozen of us comprise a pool of running “talent” and strive to show up for a noontime run a couple times a week if we can escape our desks. We share a lot and these guys are one of the core pillars of my sanity.

Another typical email that we send among ourselves to provide a humorous update as to what's been going on:


I was out at Dayton OH this week but am back in the office today. Next week I'm heading to Denver.

Despite the rain, I plan to run today. Anybody else interested?

By the way, I had an early day on Wed and was able to take a run along a beautiful paved trail alongside the Miami River. Attached JPG sums it up.


(I forget where I got the site, but you can just Google "Church Sign Generator")