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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Well, this post was supposed to be called "What a Difference a Year Makes!" and consist of photos of my Elephant Ear plants this year as opposed to last, when a freak early snow caught us by surprise. 

I will do those photos at the end, but first I must observe that yes, it's been another year and another wild weather phenomenon--this time, Hurricane Sandy.  But all in all, looks like we got off lucky here in southcentral PA.

Schools are closed for the second day, as are many businesses, but locally the flooding and storm damage were less than expected.  I just did the walk-around and found no shingle or tree damage, so my home fared just fine.  Looks like the rain gauge yielded 4.5" over the past 24 hours.  No power outages here at my home, but millions of people have been affected and the storm is not over yet for folks north and east of here up through New England.

Keeping our fingers crossed.

....Changing gears...let's look back a year....

From a couple weeks ago, here are my 2012 Elephant Ear plants, which were taller than a person:

Here they are a year ago, from the freak late October snowfall here in the Mid-Atlantic as I posted on 4 Nov 2011:

Friday, November 4, 2011

October Snowstorm...and Ultrarunning

(Photos by Gary, beginning of storm)

Well, the rare October snowstorm here in the northeast is over, although power is still out for some.

We had minimal damage, other than a very large limb off a White Oak (my favorite oak) that took some 3 hours to chain saw, stack, and haul off the twiggy debris to the burn pile.

I felt pretty sorry for my Elephant Ear plants, pictured above.  This is a non-cold-hardy plant here in PA, so I must dig out the roots every fall and replant them in the spring, lest they freeze out.  The location of planting this year, across the front of my house, really let them take off to a size that we had never had before.

Trouble was, when that wet, heavy snow landed on them, those poor Elephant Ears looked mighty forlorn.  I can imagine them saying, "But we don't do snow!"

Out of pity I dug the bulbs immediately after taking these shots.  Now they're resting until May in my crawl space.

As for Ultrarunning, I had the best of intentions to get out last weekend for a run, but the deep snow and the need to exercise my chain saw conspired against that plan.  So my first snow run of the year must wait.