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Monday, May 27, 2013

Sole Challemge 24 Hour Run

Ultarrunners are a strange breed.  Well, crazy might even be a better word.  For of all the activities and pursuits that are available to us in this world, we choose to run vast distances.

And within the Ultrarunning world, we have a split between those who like to run distance-oriented events on trails, and those who prefer to run timed events over fixed course.  An example of the former would be a 100 mile trail race in which you have 30 hours to complete the course; an example of the latter would be a 24 hour run over a short measured course (or a track) to see how far you can go in that time.

Of course, there are crossovers.  While I prefer trails, I once did a 24 hour run on a 400 meter track.  While I truly did enjoy that challenge I have not been motivated to repeat it...but anything's possible.

All of this is background to a local timed event just completed this weekend, The Sole Challenge, which consisted of 6, 12, and 24 hour timed runs around a pleasant 1.547 mile paved walking trail in a township park. 

I showed up--as a spectator--at about 15 hours into the 24 hour race (1:00 am) to cheer on a close running buddy.  In the dark it was a bit problematical to locate the course, then my friend, but soon I settled in under the full moon to observe the widely scattered runners coming thru the start/finish line area. I must have just missed him, as it was a good 20+ minutes before he appeared, running up the slight incline to where his wife was settled under a million blankets on a chair in the crew area. 

My friend was around the 70 mile mark, and although he was slowing down and dealing with some issues, he was still moving well.  He was on pace to reach 100 miles within the 24 hour limit, which I believe was his A-list goal.  Looks like 7 of the 28 runners made it at least to 100 miles, so making that milestone distance is indeed a tough challenge.

I remained only about an hour, as no pacers were permitted on the course, and left, wishing him well.

I just checked out the results and see where he finished in the 80s, so it'll be interesting to get the firsthand account of how the final hours of the race played out.  My hat is certainly off to him for a great effort--to stay on course and keep moving continuously for 24 hours is no easy feat.

Well done!

Monday, November 22, 2010

JFK 50 Miler...for Judy

My hat is off to my friend Judy, who finished the JFK 50 Miler with a very strong performance. She clocked a 10:10:29, which is more than respectable. I can’t wait to hear the details!

Per the preliminary results, Judy was 441st of 1014 finishers, and was 26th of 85 in her age group.

Judy was a stranger to me until last March, when I drew her from the pacer pool at the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Race for my 6th (of 8) 12.5 mile lap. Prior to the race, I had been negative or at best ambivalent about using a pacer, but in the middle of the night it seemed to be a good idea.

And it was. We talked for 3 hours as though we were the best of friends and had known one another for years. Funny how on the trail you can connect with a stranger so quickly, and share many personal things that in normal life it’d take a tremendously long time to broach.  The miles flew by comfortably.

So…hats off to you for a super job.  And in April 2011 you're gonna get one of these:

By the way, in all my happy chatter about the JFK race, I am mindful of the fact that on this date in 1963, the President of the United States was murdered. That event truly helped to shape the worldview of Americans ever since.